Quick and Easy Wild Garlic Salsa Verde Recipe

Salsa Verde Recipe.png

A while back I tired salsa verde at John Torrode’s restaurant in Spitalfields, London and loved it. Quite a pungent taste, a salsa verde works well with pretty much most meats, fish and vegetables.

Recently we were out on a long walk through the Wye Valley in Chepstow and all around us were masses of wild garlic. I picked a few handfuls and thought I would give this accompaniment a go – it was delicious!

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Easy Lemon Shortbread Biscuit Thins Recipe

Having a day off work midweek has been lovely. Not only have I managed to get many boring ‘life-admin’ type jobs out the way, but I have made a batch of these lovely easy-peasy lemon shortbread biscuits. I am not too sure on exactly how many the recipe made in the end. After eating a few this evening, I definitely have a fair few to take into work tomorrow (which I’m sure there won’t be complaints at), as well as being able to keep some at home for my biscuit tin.

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